EDTC 300, My Learning Project

From the Bottom Up: Day One of my #LearningProject

  Here is where it all began... In middle school, each student would receive an agenda for the year to help keep you organized and on top of school work (side note: this must have been where my agenda obsession began). Step one of my receiving an agenda was to flip through and see all… Continue reading From the Bottom Up: Day One of my #LearningProject

ECS 410

Demonstration of Learning

This pre-internship has been a hectic (and incredible) three-weeks where I have learned so much about my philosophies as a teacher and was able to practice, reflect, and reassess my own beliefs. Before beginning my pre-internship, I had a fairly established philosophy of assessment that has been developed based on what I have learned from… Continue reading Demonstration of Learning

ECS 210

Curriculum and the Critical Pedagogy of Place

The article by Restoule, Gruner, and Metatawabin titled “Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing” is a prime example of the importance of place as a thing of meaning rather than a designated space. The authors claim that reinhabitation and decolonization are the key aims to what they call “critical pedagogy… Continue reading Curriculum and the Critical Pedagogy of Place