EDTC 300

The End of a Long Journey: A Collaborative Summary of Learning

Wow! The end of the semester that once seemed so far away has finally arrived. I have enjoyed (almost) every moment of my courses this semester but I have particularly enjoyed the time that I have spent in my EDTC 300 course. The practical nature of the course overall has given me so many resources and through it, I have met and connected with so many new people that have become a part of my network.

What is better than being able to make fun of yourself and your procrastination habits that have been employed all throughout your university career? The answer is nothing! In this video, my friend and colleague Katelyn and I try our best to summarize all of the things we have learned in the past 13 weeks while poking a bit of fun at ourselves. It was a blast to create this and we hope that, through summarizing what we have learned, you learn a bit too! A huge thank you to Katia for all that she has taught us over the course of the semester and for all of her help!

Please have a few laughs as you watch our video below!

1 thought on “The End of a Long Journey: A Collaborative Summary of Learning”

  1. very great summery of learning, looks like you guys learned a lot.
    technology is a important part of our careers and im sure this class has developed your skills as a educator in the terms of technology.


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