EDTC 300

Teacher, Detective, Cyber-sleuth Extraordinaire: Investigation into Online Presence

Finding every last little detail.








Photo Credit: Flооd Flickr via Compfight cc

Challenge: Cyber Sleuth a partner of your choice (with permission, of course) and find out everything you can about them.

Status: Accepted.

Before being a part of my EDTC 300 class, I never really thought about digital identity in any length. Yes, I knew that I was google-able and that, being that I was on social media, I had a digital footprint to be conscious of, but I never really paid any mind to the idea that if someone wanted to, they could probably find out a lot about me if they really wanted to. However, now I am more aware than ever about the digital presence I have and the information that is out there about a person thanks to this fun assignment. For class, we were tasked with finding a partner and digging up as much info about them as we could through social media and search engines. Now I will not lie and say that I haven’t done this before (I think we can all say we’ve “Facebook stalked” a time or two) but never have I done it with a sense of purpose. My friend Katelyn and I agreed to go on a hunt of information together and share a little about our experiences.

Now typically, this can sometimes be difficult to do. The privacy settings on social media are much more locked down than they used to be (which is fantastic). However, I was at a slight advantage in my sleuthing abilities due to the fact that Katelyn and I are very good friends and therefore I have access to things like her Facebook page. I did my best to treat this as someone who did not know her and started at the most basic point: Google. From just a brief search of her name, I was able to find out copious amounts of information about Katelyn. From profile images to blog contributions, it was all there!

So, without further ado, here are some things I have learned about my friend Katelyn P (for the sake of her privacy I will not disclose all information):

  1. Katelyn is secretly an author (of articles) for Sister Triangle, an online magazine written by and for Christian women.
  2. Katelyn is getting hitched!! Okay, so I actually already knew this one, however, I found out lots more information about the wedding (and it reminded me that I still had to RSVP). Katelyn and her fiance will be getting married July 7 of this year. How exciting!
  3. You can find Katelyn on twitter! She is a major in English and a minor in Social Studies. She also has stated that she loves books and nature.
  4. In addition to her writing for Sister Triangle, Katelyn also has her own blog where she writes for professional and academic purposes (go check it out! It’s pretty awesome).
  5. Katelyn originally comes from Estevan where she graduated in 2014. According to some local articles, Katelyn was very involved in her school and community.

This is by no means all of the information on Katelyn, but merely some of the highlights. Overall, I think she has a very solid digital footprint from which you get the sense she is a very bright, responsible, and kind person. This activity really goes to show that first impressions matter and sometimes, you don’t get the chance to control that first impression. It’s important to be aware of the ways we are represented on the internet because in this day and age, it is just as important as the way we present ourselves in person.


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