EDTC 300

Satisfying My Blogging Hunger with Feedly

Well, I have now (thanks to EDTC 300) discovered the holy grail of blog feeds! Up until last Wednesday night, I had absolutely no idea about tools and websites that would compile a list of blogs for you to read at your leisure, aside from something like Twitter. Then, lo and behold, up comes Feedly in all of its glory! This little whiz of a website reminds me a lot of Pinterest! I will shamelessly admit that I am a dedicated Pinterest user with several boards dedicated to anything from education to adorable goats (side note: they are even cuter in pyjamas)! Now, I can do the exact same thing with Feedly. Since I was introduced to the site, I have managed to pull together some boards and blogs that are of interest to me…mostly relating to education in one way or another (for now).

I have to admit, at first, this was very intimidating. I had no idea where to start! It’s a bit overwhelming to think of all of the blogs that you could be following. I’ve created five categories, which are as follows: EdTech, Education, English, News and Entertainment, and Baking (my guilty pleasure. I make a mean homemade Oreo cookie). Now obviously, majority of these are related to education or my major area of study which, for those who do not know, is English Language Arts. However, to begin, I employed the sink-or-swim, dive right in approach.

Being that I am currently in EDTC 300 where the focus is on classroom technology, I started with searching for the hashtag “#edtech.” Thankfully, Feedly doesn’t provide endless options all at once, which is a very nice feature. There is still quite a bit to go through and the million-dollar question was still the same. How do I know which blogs to follow? In order to answer that, I had to take Katia’s advice and actually read the articles and posts (because I admit, I like to skim things often). After reading a post or two from the various blogs, I was on my way. I was able to begin following certain blogs such as Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This partiular blog is like a one-stop shop for everything edtech related! I have already read several articles that demonstrate engaging and effective ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. For example, this article explains effective ways to use Google Maps, which is very interesting especially in terms of subjects like geography or social studies! I also find this blog to be very geared towards apps that can be used in the classroom. This is extremely useful for classrooms where most kids have a device at the ready or for classrooms and schools that have class sets of iPads or other tablets.

From my original search, I was able to broaden my horizons into general, education-related blogs. I really like that I am able to follow old favourites such as Edutopia and TED Ed. Soon I feel the focus of my Feedly will spiral out into the random areas and interests that my brain holds (the baking is only the beginning) and I will be consumed with reading blog upon blog. Someone may have to remind me that I have other responsibilites! Between Twitter, Feedly, and Pinterest I think my knowledge of what is new and buzzing in the world will be superb! Now please excuse me while I go get lost in the blogosphere.

Check out my EdTech Feedly board below to see just what I mean!


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