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Technology and Me: A Complicated Love Story

Photo Credit: Theo Crazzolara Flickr via Compfight cc

Hello and welcome!

For anyone just getting here, my name is Kayci Henderson. I am a 4th-year education student at the University of Regina. I am a major in English Language Arts and a minor in Social Studies. This just so happens to be my first official blog post after completing my internship! I am an avid reader and have enjoyed reading for many, many years. However, when I say reading, I am limiting myself to those wonderful, heavy, and occasionally smelly things some like to call books; blogs and articles were a foreign concept to me at that point.

I am from a very small Saskatchewan town, or village rather, and, being that this post mentions “technology” in the title, it is worth noting that my geographical upbringing did not allow for me to be on top of the newest technological advances (dial-up internet, anyone?). Therefore, my prior interactions with Technology were that of mere acquaintances. Through my middle and high school careers, we became slightly closer, borderline friends. Yet, still, I shamefully admit, I was not a very good friend and only used Technology for selfish purposes: researching Canadian history and scrambling to get that paper finished before the end of the day! Not often did I stop to see what else Technology had to offer. In the later years of high school, we got to know each other a little better and I discovered that Technology was like an onion (Shrek reference) and had many layers worth exploring! Unfortunately, at that point, it was too late. Graduation came and went, and we too went our separate ways.

Fast forward a few months to the beginning of my first semester in the Education Faculty at university, and low and behold, there was Technology, new and improved (Technology 2.0, if you will)! My eyes were opened to the full potential that had been held within that one entity. Our eyes met across the room and, as they say, the rest…was history.

Now, what was the point of that seemingly silly story, you ask? Let me tell you. Educational technology was to me, like many others, unavailable on a regular basis. For one, I lived on a farm in the “middle of nowhere” where the arms of the wireless internet could not reach. My preference was books, pens, and paper. It was not until I got into university that I had the epiphany of how amazing and useful technology could be in an educational setting. Along with the copious amounts of useful apps and websites that I have been shown over the years (Kahoot is still my favourite), the one use of technology that I continue to come back to is blogging.

My feelings on blogging are very mixed, although now, as I come to the end of my university career, I am really starting to see its value. At first, I was very reluctant and resisted the blogosphere. It was completely uncharted territory and I had experienced enough change in that first year! However, I have come to enjoy the space and the way it provides a platform for rich reflection and discussion. I find it comforting to sit down and write a post, whether it be prompted or open-ended. Looking forward to my career as a future educator, I also see the benefit an educational technology like blogging has among the many other platforms and apps that people use both inside and outside the classroom.

Other educational technologies such as Twitter, Google Classroom, Planboard, Kahoot, Socrative etc. are all excellent tools that I now use, both personally and professionally, to keep connected to our ever-changing world! I have learned that technology is not something to be feared but rather needs to be embraced whole-heartedly. This does not mean throwing out the books, pens, and papers, which I must admit would make me cry because there is nothing like the feel and smell of a good, old book (even textbooks) or the smooth, graceful elegance of putting a pen to paper. It means finding a harmony between new and old to engage our students! Yes, technology has its drawbacks, but if it can be used to help our students and ourselves then the benefit is worth much more.

Looking forward, I think Technology and I will have a happy future together serving our shared goals.

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