ECS 410

Week 7

This week was a little less full than usual as a result of the presentations that took up the class time. However, it was no less interesting! The assessment presentations we had this week were very well done and very helpful for those of us who were watching. Out of all of the presentations, I really enjoyed the assessment plan for the math unit. I found they were very detailed in their presentation and were well prepared. I have to give them significant kudos, especially considering that they had to make their unit from scratch. Not being a math person myself, I felt that their plan was detailed enough that I could take it and implement it in a classroom with ease. With all of that being said, the other presentations were also very well presented. Every group did a great job at providing a variety of tools that addressed all three forms of assessment. The assessments were very engaging and creative. Overall, I found this assignment to be very helpful and it gives everyone some more tools to add to their toolkits for both their subject areas as well as other subject areas if (or rather when) we have to teach outside of our major subjects.


1 thought on “Week 7”

  1. Having this been a short class, I feel as though I don’t have much to respond with. I agree with you that the presentations were all really well done. It was interesting to hear from the other subject areas because, as you said, I have little experience in these areas (especially math). It was really nice to see how the math presenters took their assessments beyond tests, quizzes and homework. That was the majority of my high school math experience, and it was something I hated because it didn’t allow me to show my strengths. I struggled with tests and I was not strong in math, so the combination of tests and math class was not a pretty combo. I definitely learned about how many ways you can take assessments and evaluation beyond just tests and quizzes in a math class from these presentations.


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