ECS 210

Digital Reflection: Becoming a Curriculum Maker

This is my final reflection for ECS 210, 2016. Done with Katelyn Pippus ( Please excuse my voice as I am battling the classic end-of-the-semester cold! Enjoy.

ECS 210

Curriculum as Numeracy

I really enjoyed having Gale come in and present her views and understandings of mathematics and curriculum as numeracy. I really enjoy her stories of her interactions with other ways of knowing numeracy in terms of Indigenous knowledge. It allowed for me to understand mathematics in a new way that I otherwise would have not… Continue reading Curriculum as Numeracy

ECS 210

Curriculum and the Critical Pedagogy of Place

The article by Restoule, Gruner, and Metatawabin titled “Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing” is a prime example of the importance of place as a thing of meaning rather than a designated space. The authors claim that reinhabitation and decolonization are the key aims to what they call “critical pedagogy… Continue reading Curriculum and the Critical Pedagogy of Place