ECS 210

Curriculum as Literacy

Curriculum can be viewed through many different lenses, several of which we have discussed in class: curriculum orientation, teaching perspective, literacy, etc. As Street (2006) identifies in his article, New Literacies Studies: Next Stages, two potential lenses for viewing curriculum, in regards to literacy, include the autonomous model and the ideological model. Taking the English… Continue reading Curriculum as Literacy

ECS 210

Concerning Curriculum Development

Before reading Benjamin Levin’s article Curriculum Policy and the Politics of What Should be Learned in Schools, I had the general understanding that, while politics and governments contributed to the development of curriculum, experts did most of the development. People who have a vast knowledge of each subject area as well as an expertise on… Continue reading Concerning Curriculum Development

ECS 210

Citizenship Education as a Curricular Concern

Citizenship education is viewed as a major aspect in regards to the purposes of education. However, the question posed is how is citizenship education a curricular problem? Citizenship can be viewed in three ways: personally responsible, participatory, and justice-oriented. Often within our schools, we get stuck on teaching students how to be personally responsible citizens.… Continue reading Citizenship Education as a Curricular Concern